Real Time Information (RTI)

RTI is a priority government programme aimed at improving the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Income Tax. It will also support the Government’s intention of introducing Universal Credits.

What does this mean for Employers

The deductions of PAYE will remain unchanged, but RTI will change the way in which the University submits its PAYE information to HM Revenue and Custom (HMRC).

Every time the payroll is processed a return will be sent to HMRC who will be notified of all payments paid and the deductions that have taken place. Other information provided will include Name, NI Number, Date of Birth and Gender.

This will ensure:

a) PAYE will be more accurate for individuals
b) It will reduce HMRC costs and enable them to deal more effectively with non-compliance
c) Reduce tax credits error and fraud
d) Enable HMRC to provide DWP (department of working Pensions) with up-to-date information