Any student experiencing financial difficulties should, as soon as possible, contact Credit Control on 0141 331 8195. In addition, the Student Funding Team within the Registry can provide information on financial assistance available and this is detailed within the Student Money pages.

Arranging settlement with students

An increasingly large part of the credit control process is the need to arrange repayment terms with students.  This is determined by the individual circumstances of each student and the Credit Control team may need to meet directly with the student.

Recovery of outstanding University debts

The University reserves the right to apply sanctions against any student who does not pay their fees, or make satisfactory arrangements to pay, during the course of their studies as detailed in the Credit Control and Debt Management Policy.


It is University policy that students will not graduate owing an academic debt.  The Graduation and Awards Office will withhold parchments and tickets for the graduation ceremony for any student in this situation.  Once the debt is cleared in full, your gradation registration will be carried forward to the next set of graduation and award ceremonies.

Registration for the next academic year

Students owing an academic debt cannot register for the next term unless a suitable pre-registration agreement is made with the Finance Office.  Credit Control may interview each student who is requesting this agreement and decide if a suitable arrangement can be made.

Liaison with University solicitors

If we are unable to arrange a mutually agreeable repayment plan with either a student or commercial company, then the case may be referred to the University solicitors to seek recovery through legal/Court action.

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