To obtain a university credit card, a request must be sent to Accounts Payable from the Head of Department or Dean of the School with an accompanying justification of why there is a requirement for the staff member to have a credit card and details of what the card will be used to purchase.  Any misuse use of the credit card will be fully investigated and may result in revocation of user privileges and other appropriate action deemed necessary. 

The cardholder is responsible for all transactions purchased using the card and must reconcile these transactions via Oracle IExpenses.  Transactions are interfaced from Visa to IExpenses on a daily basis so reconciliations can be completed as frequently as desired, however cardholders must reconcile transactions within 14 days of the statement date.

All receipts, goods received notes or paid invoices must be retained for purchases made using the card. A credit card transaction receipt is not sufficient, the receipt must be from the supplier and show the items purchased.  If this is not automatically produced, please request the supplier to provide this.

If a supplier declines your credit card, please check if any of the following apply:

  • The cost of the goods/service is over your single transaction limit of £1,000
  • You have exceeded your monthly credit limit of £5,000
  • The purchase is in a merchant category that has been blocked for your card

If you are blocked for a merchant category, or you feel that your authorised single transaction or monthly limit is insufficient, please raise this issue with Operational Services. A credit card change authorisation form should be completed to temporarily remove any merchant category blocks or increase limits.  This form will be passed for review and approval by the Financial Controller.

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