Operational Services are responsible for the reimbursement of the imprest of the Petty Cash. 

Petty Cash floats are used only for small purchases to a value not exceeding £40. A single purchase cannot be split in order to meet the £40 limit.  The only exception is when the float is being used to pay subject fees linked to research.

A claim to reimburse the Petty Cash Imprest/Float should be made before the balance has been fully expended; this is to retain a working balance pending the receipt of the amount claimed. The completed claim form, together with:

• the signature of the authorising officer and
• all receipts/other proof of purchase to support the expense

must be passed to the Operational Services for processing.

Once Operational Services have processed the supported claim, the transfer of money will be processed to the relevant department.

For further information on petty cash please refer to the Petty Cash Guidelines.

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