General Ledger & Post Award

The team are responsible for:

• Credit Checks

Credit checks are required prior to project proposals and when:

- the project in excess of £1000 (net of VAT)
- the project is not with a Public Body

• Project Account Procedures

Guidance and information regarding commercial project account procedures and KTP project account procedures.

• Research and Grant Claims

Preparation and submission of research and other project grant claims in accordance with the project award letter.

• Project Account Monitoring

Provide support and advice to assist project account holders to monitor their project accounts.

• Personal Development Account

Guidance on Personal Development Accounts, details of what these accounts are, what they can be used for, and the rules that govern them can be found on our Policies & Guidelines page.

• Chart of Accounts

A list of our chart of accounts including main primary codes/cost centres can be found on our Policies & Guidelines page.

• Financial Analysis for Projects

Provide advice and assistance when completing a financial analysis of a project to be returned to the funding body.

• Account Activation & Deactivation

Responsible for activating and deactivating account codes for cost centres and externally funded projects.

• Budget and Transaction Transfers

Responsible for processing journals and budget transfers (virements) to correct specific account transactions and budgets.

• Non-IT Inventory

Responsible for maintaining an accurate record of all non-IT assets within a non-IT inventory register.

• Financial Discoverer

Responsible for maintaining individuals’ access to view reports for specific accounts. More information on our reporting system can be found under Finance Systems.

• Delegated Authority

Provide advice and assistance in the completion of the Authorised Signatory and Scheme of Delegation Forms.

• TRAC & fEC

Responsible for preparation of the University’s Teaching and Research TRAC returns. Also able to provide advice and assistance in completion of Time Allocation Schedule (TAS) forms.

• Training

In addition to the standard presentations offered, General Ledger and Post Award Services will be happy to tailor training on any of the above areas.

• Travel insurance

Responsible for the collation of travel insurance submission forms.
All queries regarding travel insurance should be directed to Janice Bruce, Court Office, or x8550.

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