Story Writing Workshop with Harry Ritchie


Harry Ritchie, writer and GCU Cultural Fellow, hosted a story-writing workshop at GCU with a group of men and women in recovery from addiction.

Service users of Turning Point Scotland, the group gathered at the workshop which aimed to create a forum that would encourage discussion but also provide a fun and entertaining way to get people in a room together.

The group discussed the act of looking in the mirror and seeing a ‘shadow of themselves’, a scary reflection which helped them on their path to recovery. Now when they look in the mirror, they proud of how far they have come.

The workshop was part of a community module about Sport, Society and Citizenship led by GCU sociology Senior Lecturer Dr Peter Kennedy. All of the students on the module have been playing rugby at GCU for the past year with Trust Rugby International. One of the assignments Harry set the group was to write about what rugby means to them. Every person described how being part of this group and playing rugby each week had impacted greatly on their recovery.