Gathering The Voices

Gathering the Voices collects and preserves the stories of those who found sanctuary in Scotland following remarkable journeys from Nazi-dominated Europe.

Glasgow Caledonian University partnered with the Gathering the Voices charity to develop a lasting spoken word repository, documenting the moving oral histories of Holocaust survivors and Jewish people who fled their homes and re-established their lives in Scotland.

We passionately believe that we need to preserve these first-hand accounts so that we can educate future generations. The testimonies show us that the survivors were ordinary people who coped with extraordinarily difficult circumstances. In spite of this, they remained positive individuals who went on to make significant contributions to our society and their accounts are relevant to the challenges and opportunities facing today’s refugees."
Dr Angela Shapiro, Senior Lecturer at GCU and Chair of Gathering the Voices Association

Glasgow Caledonian University continues to actively support the Gathering the Voices charity and to take part each year in events marking Holocaust Memorial Day.

You too can support the Gathering the Voices charity by making a donation today.