• GCU’s Engagement Wheel

    Engaging for the common good

  • International Engagement

    learning from and for the World

    International Engagement

    Research and teaching partnerships and outreach campuses deliver academic and economic growth and we have engaged internationally in a way that promotes the common good.

    International Engagement

  • Business Engagement

    working with business

    Business Engagement

    Business Engagement encompasses the relationships GCU has with external organisations and individuals which have a benefit to the common good.

    Business Engagement
    Business Services and Knowledge Exchange

  • Community Engagement

    serving our local communities

    Community Engagement

    GCU's staff and students engage communities in a variety of ways for the common good.

    Community Engagement

  • Research Engagement

    creating a better future

    Research Engagement

    Engaging the public at all stages of our research cycle, increases the relevance of GCU's research to the wider world.

    Research Engagement
    Research at Glasgow Caledonian University

  • Public Engagement

    sharing of knowledge and skills

    Public Engagement

    GCU staff and students share knowledge and skills to inform, consult and collaborate with the public for mutual benefit.

    Public Engagement

  • Schools and Colleges

    supporting equality and opportunity

    Schools and Colleges

    Engagement with schools and colleges gives the young people of Glasgow and London the opportunity to build skills and access our facilities.

    Schools and Colleges Engagement
    UK Recruitment and Outreach

GCU's Engagement Wheel showcases the ways in which GCU is engaging for the common good.  The Engagement Wheel is a tool to help you navigate through the strands of engagement at GCU and give you a taster of some of our engagement activities, drawn out in our steering group's on-going mapping exercise.

The Wheel has been designed by 4th year GCU Graphic's Student, Andrew Behan.

The Wheel will be launched at our CPE Showcase event, GCU is Getting Engaged on 24th April 2013.

You can find out more about CPE examples at GCU on our engagement page.