Public Engagement

Knowledge and skills engagement

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Public Events, Exhibitions and Festivals

This includes Professional Public Lectures to showcase the research of our recently appointed or promoted Professors for a non specialist audience on a wide range of research topics; hosting and contributing to events where the public interact with ongoing academic work such as exhibitions, conferences and festivals like the  Glasgow Science Festival and The Gathering and a highly successful series of master classes where internationally recognised experts join our academics in offering valuable insights into their work.

Academic Media Appearances

Our academics feature frequently in Scottish, UK and international media, and social media communicating not only the results of their own research, but offering expert comment and analysis on a huge range of contemporary issues.

Staff External Representation

Our staff engage with a whole range of professional and public bodies and lend their expertise to advisory boards and working groups and this kind of enagement ensures our teaching remains relevant and informed.

Influencing Policy

Much of our research and academic work goes on to inform policy such as in health, education and politics. Some examples of these impacts are available in the form of videos on our research webpages.

Curriculum Engagement and Industrial Liaison

Our students are encouraged to be involved in public engagement by receiving academic credit for work embedded in the curriculum such as through The Glasgow School for Busines and Societies' Community Links Programme and School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment's Springburn creative schools projects and School of Health and Life Science students engaging with GCU's Users and Carers group.

We also engage with external stakeholders such as industry and the public in curriculum design to ensure GCU students graduate with the skills employers need and service users want.


An great opportunity to expose kids to the world of science and the student mentors are an excellent idea"
Home school tutor, Glasgow Science Festival workshop at GCU