International Engagement

International Engagement

Learning from and for the world

GCU Enhancing Public Health in International Communities

The Grameen College of Nursing in Bangladesh

Student Nurse GraduatesProfessor Muhammad Yunus requested the University’s assistance in Bangladesh because the present lack of trained health professionals is seriously hindering health development. Compared to, for example, the UK, where 680,000 registered nurses serve a population of 60 million, Bangladesh struggles with only 23,000 nurses for their population of 145 million. ‌In 2009, an agreement was reached between The Grameen Trust and GCU to establish a high quality college for the education of nurses and midwives in Dhaka to an international standard. The first graduates of The Grameen College of Nursing in Bangladesh, were awarded a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery at a ceremony in Dhaka, Bangladesh in March 2013 (photo featuring founding Principal Professor Parfit and Professor Yunus).

GCU Students visiting GCCN

10 GCU students from the School of Health and Life Sciences had the opportunity to go to Bangladesh. Podiatry student, Michael Stevenson was the group leader and has written about the visit here.

GCU's Centre for Climate Justice

GCU s playing a key role in a campaign encouraging communities in Malawi to replace dangerous and costly kerosene lamps, batteries and candles with environmentally friendly solar lighting that helps families to tackly poverty. Scotland's 2020 Climate Group, which includes GCU, Keep Scotland Beautiful and charity SolarAid has received £200,000 of Scottish Government funding to act as project patners and help deliver the "Scotland Lights up Malawi" awareness and fundraising campaign.

The Caledonian College of Engineering, Oman.

The Caledonian College of Engineering Oman was established in 1996 to teach undergraduate and postgraduate level programmes. In 2012, the College won international recognition when it was awarded the Asia Award for the Best Educational Institution in Engineering by the World Education Congress.

GCU has been selected by Oman’s Ministry of Health from universities across Britain to run a unique transnational collaboration designed to help shape healthcare across the country and contribute to the Sultanate’s “Omanisation” policy, a drive towards replacing its international workforce with Omani nationals, educated to meet global/international (by  improving) professional standards at home.

The five-year teaching programme, which initially focussed on physiotherapy, has been expanded to include radiography and medical laboratory sciences and doctorate programmes. Students are taught in Oman by GCU staff and staff of the Institute of Health Sciences, run by Oman’s Ministry of Health, and the first 31 students have recently graduated from GCU’s School of Health and Life Sciences recently graduate with Honours degrees in Physiotherapy, Radiography and Medical Laboratory Sciences (in BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Studies, BSc (Hons) Radiography Studies and BSc (Hons) Medical Laboratory Sciences.)

Staff International Engagement

Early career researchers and recipients of a Magnusson Scholarship are working in a variety of research projects at home and overseas. For more information, please go to our Magnusson fund page.

Student International Engagement

Through receipt of a Magnusson award, students are fulfilling lifetime ambitions and contributing to communities across the globe. Find out more about some of our award winners from 2012.

Individually, our students are doing great work such as Michael Roy who has been applying his studies in the field of built hertiage conservation in Indonesia with the help of a Khalid Abdulrahim Travel Scholarship. Read more about Michael's work here 

International University Partnerships

GCU has forged partnerships with countries around the world to help them meet industry needs and educate their workforces to international standards. Many of our international partnerships are driven by our common good vision such as in China where our partnership with The University of Jinan offers joint degree programmes, articulation pathways and student and staff exchanges. Around 400 students currently study undergraduate courses designed by GCU and the University of Jinan. They are in their second year of a 2+2 model, where many students are intended to study their final two years in Glasgow.  A full list of our partnerships, can be found on our international partnerships page.

Santander Universities

Thanks to the prestigious Santander Universities network of more than 700 universities in Spain, Portugal, Latin-America, China, Morocco, Russia, the US and the UK, students of GCU can access research and study opportunities all over the world.

Planning for the future

International Engagement is an area of growth and exciting ventures.  There are further international partnerships and initiatives planned for the future including expanding teaching in Midwifery and Optometry and Common Weal scholarships to students from Commonwealth Countries to celebrate the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014