Community & Public Engagement Steering Group

The CPE agenda at GCU is being driven by the Community and Public Engagement Steering Group (CPESG). We meet formally once a month but work between group members and with colleagues across the university and outwith GCU is on-going.

CPE Steering Group Members

The group is made up of Public Engagement Fellows from each of our three schools along with Susan Grant, Community and Public Engagement Coordinator.  Other colleagues and champions of CPE contribute to the group depending on the current focus of work.

Aims of the CPE Steering Group

Our aim to embed CPE across all of our core activities at GCU. To achieve this aim, we are:

  • raising awareness and understanding of CPE;
  • communicating and developing the CPE agenda;
  • mapping current CPE activities across GCU;
  • reviewing and improving GCU's institutional support for CPE;
  • promoting positive perceptions of CPE at GCU both internally and externally to demonstrate our value to the wider public;
  • liaising with key stakeholders to keep abreast of new engagement opportunities and practices in the sector;
  • contributing to and expanding GCU's CPE portfolio;
  • celebrating CPE at GCU.