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Engagement for the Common Good

Glasgow Caledonian University has a long and rich heritage of Community and Public Engagement (CPE) which is embedded in our core activity across our three campuses in Glasgow, London and New York at a local and global level.  This longstanding commitment to working in partnership with people in their communities decisively strengthens research impact and quality for knowledge exchange.  CPE enriches the student experience and fufills the University's Common Good mission in many different ways. Some examples can be found on our Engagement Map. 

GCU formalised our commitment to community engagement in 2012 with the strategic development of CPE and by signing the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement’s 'Engaged University' manifesto. NCCPE support the higher education sector making a vital, strategic and valued contribution to 21st-century society through its public engagement activity.

At GCU, we define CPE as 'varied activities led by communities and individuals in partnership with GCU staff and students to jointly find solutions to societal issues and shape our research, learning and teaching'. 

Following the university commissioned CPE consultation 'Imagine Community' (2016), GCU had an opportunity to refresh our CPE strategy to reflect our rich history of CPE but move it towards a more ambitous, progressive and sustainable set of evidenced-based high impact goals in keeping with our Common Good mission. 

The overall aim of GCU's CPE strategy is: to create the evidenced-based conditions for meaningful and sustainable engagement for the Common Good.

This aim will be operationlised through the following five impact goals:

1. Engaged Culture - CPE work is valued, supported and embedded across all aspects of GCU's strategic portfolio, staff group and activity. 

2. Community Engaged Learning - maximising opportunities to bring CPE with the Common Good Curriculum. 

3. Engaged Research - supporting co-created and meaningful research outputs with communities which contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 

4. Sustainable Engagement - developing sustainable, reciprocal and equitable partnerships.

5. Visible Engagement - CPE activity communicated through GCU's Engagement Map and GCU recognised for innovation and excellence in CPE. 

This strategy represents a vision of a different type of university: A university as a driver for social, economic and cultural change that is firmly anchored in communities and serving the public good.  

We aim to contribute to society in a manner that embraces yet goes beyond the traditional role of a university. Glasgow Caledonian University's For the Common Good commitment is brought to life and delivered by students and staff across academic schools and departments."
GCU Prinicipal and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Pamela Gillies CBE, FRSE, Glasgow Caledonian University