Common Good


Common Good Attributes

The Common Good Curriculum will support our students to achieve four GCU Common Good Attributes which are underpinned by GCU’s core values: Integrity, Creativity, Responsibility and Confidence.

Active and global citizenship

Acting honestly, fairly and ethically in:

  • Recognising and actively seeking to address global social trends and challenges
  • Viewing the world from the perspective of different cultures
  • Participating in the community at a local, national and global level
  • Taking account of and valuing diversity
  • Exploring social problems and taking action to build a more just and sustainable  society
  • Addressing inequality and disadvantage

Entrepreneurial mind-set

  • Being curious and prepared to take calculated risks
  • Identifying opportunities for change
  • Creating solutions, and putting these into practice, in response to identified real-world problems
  • Thinking creatively, critically and divergently, drawing on a range of ideas and unexpected connections
  • Dealing with complexity and uncertainty
  • Actively seeking a diversity of experiences and concepts from different cultural contexts

Responsible leadership

  • Exercising:
    • Empathy
    • Resilience 
    • Professionalism
  • Inspiring and influencing the thinking, attitudes and behaviour of others
  • Working collaboratively towards a common vision and common goal
  • Building communities through the development of trust
  • Developing solutions that are ethical, visionary, realistic and sustainable
  • Actively demonstrating a personal commitment to equality and diversity


  • Acting assertively and reasonably
  • Challenging yourself and continually learning from experience
  • Respecting your own and others’ rights and needs
  • Becoming a ‘change-maker’, making a positive difference 
  • Being able to understand, respect and engage with a diverse range of audiences and stakeholders