Narrating Your Work

(October 2011 – February 2012)

Funder: The Caledonian Academy, partnering with Shell Learning in the Netherlands.
Project team: Eleni Boursinou, Dane Lukic, Anoush Margaryan.

The project applies and tests a methodology called “Narrating Your Work”.  The team members of our case study are using a microblogging tool on a regular basis to broadcast work in progress and share issues they are facing or accomplishments.  As this happens, the team raises awareness and builds understanding on what everyone is working on, a contributing factor to team cohesion, knowledge exchange and sense of connectedness.  The aim of this project is to move beyond the small-scale initial experiment and to evaluate and further develop the NYW methodology into a more generic, replicable approach that can be used by other virtual teams at Shell or in other organisations.

Project outputs

  1. Revised and improved NYW methodology.
  2. Practical toolkit to support adoption of methodology by other virtual teams within the organisation.
  3. Journal paper.
  4. A paper in a professional magazine.