Mission-critical solutions

We were awarded £218,000 by Aggreko Ltd to improve the reliability of its power generators operating in some of the world's harshest environments – from the Sahara to the Amazon.

Professor Gordon Morison and Pete Barrie, of the School of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment, joined Aggreko Ltd in a KTP to improve the efficiency of generators running in remote locations by producing reliable, secure software and hardware architectures and algorithms that spot potential faults before they occur.

Aggreko’s generators can be found all over the world, from powering ice-cream vans at T in the Park, to running temporary power solutions in humanitarian crises.

These hard-to-reach generators are used in what Aggreko describes as mission-critical situations, so reliability and maintainability - getting to something before it breaks - is of the utmost importance

Professor Gordon Morison
School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment