Tackling stalking

We led a Scottish Government study of stalking and coercive control to help it tackle domestic abuse. 

Researchers examined how the criminal justice system treats victims of stalking and coercive control as part of new Government measures to protect women.

Justice Secretary Humza Youzaf commissioned a team led by Dr Nancy Lombard to record the experiences of women across Scotland. 

The move came as legislation to give police and the courts new powers to remove domestic abusers from victims’ homes were set to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament. 

The Domestic Abuse Bill gives police the power to issue a short-term notice barring a suspected abuser from the home of someone who is in danger. 

It is important to recognise that, despite victim-centred policy priorities and support, abuse may persist beyond conviction, sentencing and punishment. So victims can therefore continue to feel disempowered and controlled. Through this research, we want to enable those women to have their say.

Dr Nancy Lombard
Glasgow School for Business and Society