Vaccine call

Campaigners want COVID-19 vaccines to be declared a global common good

We urged nations and drug companies to put COVID-19 vaccine patents in the public domain for the good of humanity.

Yunus Centre Chair Professor Cam Donaldson and Nobel Laureate and GCU Emeritus Chancellor Professor Muhammad Yunus called on the pharmaceutical industry, and its university partners, to make a vaccine available to all countries without priority or exclusivity and put the "global common good" ahead of profit.   

Writing in The Lancet Healthy Longevity, they outlined the dangers of countries acting in their own self-interest in the race to find a vaccine. They said; "As the virus knows no geographic boundaries, we have to act to help each other."

The scientific consensus is that the only way this pandemic will be eradicated is through the vaccination of all people worldwide. It is, therefore, important to recognise this in our policy actions to avoid the tragedy of the commons, in which selfish behaviour leads to adverse communal outcomes. This is true for countries as well as individuals. We call for the response to COVID-19 to be global in deeds as well as words and based on principles of equal and universal access to treatments and vaccines’’.

Professor Cam Donaldson
Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Yunus Chair