Common Good Hub

Professor Stephen Webb

We established Europe’s first Common Good Hub in one of the UK’s most disadvantaged areas - Milton, in north Glasgow.

The Hub gives students in fields including community nursing, podiatry, occupational therapy, law and social work first-hand experience of the problems facing people living in deprived areas and offers researchers opportunities to expand ‘place-based’ projects. 

The innovative hub builds on the legacy of the university settlement movement which saw Victorian social reformer Arnold Toynbee establish university hubs in some of the most deprived areas of the country, including Glasgow.  

We developed the concept for the 21st century by creating the innovative Common Good Hub in a new £800,000 community centre.

It’s about embedding the University in the community so we can better understand the community and they can better understand how we can work with them.

Professor Stephen Webb
Assistant Vice-Principal for Community and Public Engagement