Women in golf

Researchers teed-off the first in-depth study of the history of women’s golf in Scotland.

Dr Fiona Skillen is supervising the project – a partnership with The Royal & Ancient Club’s British Golf Museum in St Andrews – to trace the ‘hidden’ history of the women’s game from the Second World War, explore what first attracted players to the course, the influence of class and age, and potential challenges to participation.

Interviews with women who played the game at club level are being recorded and stored in the museum’s archives as part of the project.

The Arts and Humanities Research Council is funding a research post based at the museum for three years.

Hannah Fleming, Museum and Heritage Assistant Curator at the British Golf Museum, said: “We are delighted to partner with GCU on this project, which explores the female experience in golf. 

“Our women and girls’ collection and archive will provide vital context for research, which will enable greater appreciation and knowledge of these pioneering golfers.”

While we know a great amount about the historical development of the men’s game, we know relatively little about the history of women’s participation in the sport. This is about the past but it can inform the future. We want more young women and girls to be participating in golf so, hopefully, this will give us a little more understanding and insight to help market the game.

Dr Fiona Skillen
Glasgow School for Business and Society