The University was proud to launch the Common Good Podcast this year - a new way to showcase the work of our academics and highlight how their research benefits communities in Scotland, the UK and around the world. Hosted by GCU video communications officer and BBC Scotland presenter Craig Telfer, the podcast allows our researchers to talk about their work in-depth.

Dr Fiona Skillen, a Senior Lecturer in History in the Department of Social Science, appeared in the first episode of the show to chart the evolution of women's football in Scotland.

As the series progressed, Professor Carol Emslie discussed her research into the relationship between alcohol and gender and the Scottish Government's Minimum Unit Pricing Policy.

Professor John Lennon, Dean of the Glasgow School for Business and Society, shed light on dark tourism: the phenomenon of visiting places around the world linked with death and tragedy, for listeners.

And Dr Katy Proctor, a lecturer in criminology and policing, outlined the long-term impact stalking can have on its victims and the case for setting up specialist taskforces in Scotland to tackle the issue.