Widening Participation

GCU's Labs on Campus event, held during the 2019 Glasgow Science Festival, offered hundreds of primary and secondary pupils and teachers access to the latest scientific equipment, research and teaching facilities.

The showcase was designed to inspire the next generation to study STEM subjects and explore university options.

As part of the event, youngsters were able to experience the University's 3D driving simulator, which allows 'drivers' to navigate a perfectly simulated stretch of the M8, M74 and M80 in a choice of conditions.

The simulator is the work of Professor Vassilis Charissis and his team, based in the Virtual Reality and Simulation Laboratory (VRS Lab) within the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment.

More than 300 young people took part in labs based on vision sciences; biology, human movement; podiatry; renewable energy physics; computing, gaming and coding; chemistry; and virtual reality.