Climate justice

Former Irish President and climate justice campaigner Dr Mary Robinson addressed students and staff on the global climate justice movement at her third annual lecture on climate justice.

A GCU Honorary Graduate and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr Robinson, through her Foundation, has supported GCU's Centre for Climate Justice since its inception in 2013.

She warned: “If we don't address climate injustice now – the poorest and most vulnerable people affected will be left further behind.”

We were honoured to be announced as the host of the world's first forum on climate justice.

The global event will be held at our Glasgow campus in June 2019 and will bring together leading civil society groups, academics, business representatives and policymakers. Speakers will include Dr Mary Robinson and eminent professor of political economy Patrick Bond, of the University of the Witwatersrand.

Our Centre for Climate Justice will lead the event as the UK's foremost academic centre for the study of climate justice.

Research conducted by the Centre is building evidence that challenges the way international aid budgets are being spent and is raising awareness that climate justice affects the whole world through the growing impact of climate change and rising temperatures in the western world, as well as developing countries.

Centre director, Professor Tahseen Jafry this year compiled an Arctic policy mapping report for the Scottish Government. It will be published in March 2019.