GCU celebrated the tenth year of the Magnus Magnusson Awards. The awards, established in memory of former chancellor Magnus Magnusson KBE, have helped more than 80 students and early-years researchers pursue their dream projects worldwide, bringing their expertise and knowledge to parts of the world where it will make a real and lasting difference.

I feel thrilled and humbled. My father cared very much for seeing young people flourish. He understood their aspirations and was curious about what they wanted to do with their lives. To think his name and what the University has done in his name has enabled people to bloom and blossom in the way that all our students who won awards have done would have thrilled him.

Dr Sally Magnusson

Former recipients shared their achievements at a celebratory event. They included musician John McAlinden, who used his award to record his first album, which led to his band Colonel Mustard and the Dijon Five, pictured above, touring the world. Awards were also presented to this year’s winners who plan to use the support to, for example, help patients suffering eye diseases in Ghana and travel to Nepal to raise awareness of climate change.