Former Irish President Dr Mary Robinson emphasised the critical role of education and political participation in tackling climate change during an inspirational lecture for students.

The GCU honorary graduate, whose Mary Robinson Foundation works closely with the GCU Centre for Climate Justice, said: "I know students at GCU benefit from great leadership and the excellent work of the Centre for Climate Justice, with a dedicated MSc Climate Justice degree programme. Education is a privilege afforded to the few. With this privilege comes a responsibility to find ways to apply learning for the betterment of humanity.”

And the University hosted an Enterprise Festival for students, staff and graduates, to help turn their business ideas into reality.

Alumna and Olympic-medal-winning curler Anna Sloan inspired students at the University’s Elite Sport Symposium.

Anna, who was part of the youngest team to win an Olympic medal for Britain, claiming Bronze in 2014, told students: "GCU and its values have played a very important role in the success I have had in my curling career."