Making an Application

With the wealth of opportunities available, it is no surprise that EU calls for proposals tend to be highly competitive.  There are various criteria that constitute a good project:-

  • excellent science
  • quality of consortium
  • effective impact strategy, and most importantly
  • European Added Value - i.e. the contribution that the project will make to key EU policy objectives.

As such, the development of a project is not just about having an idea.  It is about matching the idea to the needs of the call, gathering the appropriate team to deliver results and positioning oneself in order to ensure that the results have a sustainable outcome. 

The development of a project will take months and you must be realistic about your chances of success.  Many excellent proposals fail simply because a rival bid offered an extra element.  However, even the process of submitting a proposal has its positive effects:  raising your profile among your peers, galvanising your ideas and creating new networks. 

Come and talk to us in the first instance to see if there is a European Funding stream that will allow you to achieve your aims. 

Online assistance is available as follows:-

Please note that Glasgow Caledonian University is already registered as a legal entity with the European Commission under PIC number, 999902482.

Each individual applicant will have to be registered with ECAS  (European Commission Authentication Service) before gaining access to both of the portals to make an application.