• Water


In 2018-19 around 39,857m3 of waster was consumed at GCU in Glasgow, which is equivalent to 3.2mper person per year.  In 2018-19 the University consumed 7,747m3 less than in 2015-16 (the earliest we have a comparable dataset), when we used 47,604m3 or 4.2mper person. In that period, water use fell 16% whilst number of total individuals at the University (as fulltime equivalents) increased 11%.




Water is falling due to a number of interventions (such as): an enhanced ability to detect leaks; installing water saving controls (e.g. motion sensors on taps and urinals) and equipment (e.g. energy saving taps); enhanced user awareness (e.g. in labs); and installing foam soap dispensers (which requires less water to rinse than liquid soap).

Our annual water use data is included in our annual GHG inventory data releases.