Reducing Paper Cups

We are working to reduce the number of paper cups used and discarded on campus because they put our waste management system under considerable strain.  

As paper cups are perceived to be recyclable, they are often placed in our recycling bins and often whilst they still contain liquids. Paper cups (and liquid) make it harder (if not impossible) for our waste contractor to separate the materials we collect for recycling. Waste that cannot be recycled is converted into a refuse derived fuel, which is a more expensive and environmentally less beneficial process (albeit, still much better than landfill).

Reducing the amount of paper cups used and disposed of at GCU is the only cost effective way of limiting the impact they have on our waste management system and the environment. 

To help achieve this, BaxterStorey (the University’s catering contractor), have introduced a 10p charge on every single-use, disposable cup used to purchase a hot drink from any of the on-campus catering outlets. For more information please speak to any member of the catering team or drop us a line.

For those interested, this article in The Guardian provides a good overview of the scale and environmental challenges presented by single-use paper cups.