Furniture Reuse

Occasionally we need to get rid of furniture items which have become surplus to our requirements, but could still be of use to others, or need extra furniture but do no budget to fund it.

GCU’s furniture re-use portal, Warp-It, links those requiring extra furniture with those with surplus furniture (as well as other items).  Furniture is available for free from GCU and a number of partner organisations.

Users list items and specify when they will become available for collection. If items aren’t claimed within a set period of time from GCU, they become available to partner organisations.  Collection of claimed items is arranged by the person making the claim (contact the Facilities Helpdesk to arrange an internal collection or email the Sustainability Team to explore options for items from outside GCU). If storage is available, unclaimed items are stored otherwise they are either made available to local charities or recycled by the University’s waste contractors.

The following information/videos will help you get started on and make the most of Warp-It:

Please note that, unless otherwise indicated, items listed on Warp-It are not for personal use. Email GCU's Sustainability Team if you have any questions using Warp-It.