Water Fountains

16 million plastic bottles are sent to landfill in the UK every day! As part of our waste minimisation efforts, GCU has water fountains throughout its campus.  The fountains provide free, clean water and help reduce the quantity of discarded single-use water bottles by providing a means for everyone at GCU to access water for free and refill their water bottles.

Use the menu below to locate your nearest campus water fountain.

Here are some reasons for using refillable water bottles:

  • Using the fountains will avoid the need for plastic bottles and will help reduce the amount of waste we produce.
  • Plastic bottles take up valuable space in our waste and recycling containers. If they aren’t empty, liquids can contaminate the rest of the recycling which costs us more money to dispose of them.
  • Discarded plastic bottles litter our streets and can be a potential risk to wildlife.
  • In the UK, bottled water is no safer or healthier than tap water. It’s an easy – and free - way to avoid the environmental problems associated with bottled water.

water bottles

 [Photo: ricardo / zone41.net]

Govan Mbeki

Level Location
0 At Café - Outside A009
1 Opp. entrance to toilets A115
  Opp. reception desk
2 Opp. entrance to toilets A226
3 Opp. entrance to toilets A322
4 Opp. entrance to toilets A407
5 Opp. entrance to toilets A507

George Moore

Level Location
0 Restaurant - by the vending machines at the entrance 
1 Centre link/middle lifts
2 Yunus Centre (controlled access)
2 Centre link/middle lifts
3 LEAD kitchen
3 Opp. M327
4 Opp. M442
5 Centre link/middle lifts
7 Opp. M720

William Harley and Centre for Executive Learning

Level Location
0 Pantry area - staff only
1 Staff kitchen - H113 - staff only
1 Staff kitchen - H110 - staff only
1 - CEE Main foyer - Opp. MBA room.
2 Staff kitchen - H215 - staff only
Opp. Toilets - H234

Hamish Wood

Level Location
1-8 Opp. lifts

Charles Oakley

Level Location
0 Opp. C017 (entrance to Carnegie Lecture Theatre)
1 Corridor, opp. C117
2 Resources room/pantry C223 - staff only


Level Location
0 Outside male changing rooms
1 Gym area


Level Location
0 Pantry - B026 - staff only
1 Pantry - B103 - staff only
2 Kitchen - staff only

Milton Street

Level Location
0 Opp. MS012
1 Opp. MS111
2 Opp. MS211

North Hanover

Level Location
0 Outside toilets
2 Entrance to GCU Students Association offices

The Sir Alex Ferguson Library

Level Location
0 Study area - by the small lift
1 Outside Registry/Seminar room 1
2 Printer pods- by the small lift
3 Printer pods- by the small lift
4 Printer pods- by the small lift