The Big Climate Fightback

3rd Year students on the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment’s Environmental Management programme established GCU’s Future and Urban Orchard by organising the planting of 120 broad leaf trees and 20 fruit trees across the GCU Campus and Caledonian Court as part of the Woodland Trust’s The Big Climate Fightback.


Student and staff volunteers establish GCU's Forest for the Future & Urban Orchard.

The Big Climate Fightback is a national initiative by the Woodland Trust which aims to plant 1 million trees for the national tree planting week and at GCU was coordinated by students on SCEBE’s Environmental Management programme.
The project at GCU had three strands:

  • Establishing GCU’s Forest for the Future with 100 trees (donated by the Woodland Trust (species listed below).
  • Establishing an Urban Orchard with a mix of around 20 fruit trees (funded by the 20p charge for takeaway food containers)
  • Giving away trees for students and staff to plant at home (also donated by the Woodland Trust).

The project will make GCU’s campus greener and healthier by enhancing tree cover and providing additional habitat for local wildlife. Find out more about the Forest for the Future & Urban Orchard here.