The Big Climate Fightback

3rd Year students on SCEBE’s Environmental Management programme are working with GCU’s Sustainability Officer to bring the Woodland Trust’s The Big Climate Fightback  to GCU and you’re invited to get involved by planting a tree!

The Big Climate Fightback is a national campaign to fight climate change by planting 1 million trees by 30 November 2019 (the start of the National Tree Planting Week). The project at GCU has three strands:

  • Establishing GCU’s Forest for the Future with 100 trees
    (donated by the Woodland Trust (species listed below).
  • Establishing an Urban Orchard with a mix of around 20 fruit trees
    (funded by the 20p charge for takeaway food containers)
  • Giving away trees for students and staff to plant at home
    (also donated by the Woodland Trust - species listed below)

You can get involved in The Big Climate Fightback by helping plant a tree either at GCU or at home (just register here).  

Planting at GCU will take place on Thursday 28th November (10:00 – 13:00). 

Tress to plant at home will be available for collection on:

  • 10:00-13:00 on Wednesday 4th December and
  • 10:00 – 14:00 on ‪Thursday 5th December.

Please register your interest in helping plant a tree at GCU or take one home and we’ll be in touch shortly with more information.

If you’d like to plant a tree at GCU please make sure you wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear for outdoors and if you’d like to plant a tree at home, please consider the suitability of your proposed location for the success of your tree.

The Woodland Trust are donating the trees for The Big Climate Fightback and we currently do not know exactly what species of trees will be allocated for planting at GCU or for students and staff to take home. Trees will be bare rooted saplings ranging from around 10-60 cm high.   

We anticipate that there will be a mix of:

  • Bird cherry
  • Downy Birch
  • Aspen
  • Common Oak
  • Rowen
  • Silver birch
  • Dog Rose
  • Field Maple

The saplings will be available for collection on the dates above from the front of the Hamish Wood building. Please make sure that you register here is you would like to plant a tree at home or at GCU.

Please email if you would like more specific information about this project.