Donate Your Bike

If you’re leaving Glasgow and can’t take your bike with you, we can help you find a new home for your bike.

We work with a number of bike recycling organisations and can pass your bike on to them on your behalf (here’s a short video of one of the organisations we work with).  Please contact if you would like our help finding a new home for your bike.

Whilst all abandoned bikes are offered to bike recycling organisations, it’s easier, cheaper and quicker if bike owners let us know that they want to donate their bike rather than abandoning them on campus. Donating your bike also helps you donate a better quality bike as it reduces weather damage, because bikes are put in storage immediately, rather than being left exposed to the weather whilst we proceed through our abandoned bike procedure.  

Below is a short video of our work with Bikes for Refugees Scotland putting abandoned bikes at GCU to good use.