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Fashion Detox

Green Gown Awards 2020 Highly Commended

The first 10-week Fashion Detox Challenge has been so successful that we have decided to keep recruiting!

Sign up here and join the hundreds of people across the world that have successfully completed the challenge, and curbed their clothes shopping habits for the common good!

Why have we set this challenge? Because the world is drowning in waste! The UK currently sends 336,000 tonnes of clothing to landfill or incineration every year. That is equivalent to throwing away over 10,000 items - or over 105 women’s wardrobes - every 15mins! [1]


To participate in the Fashion Detox Challenge all you need to do is:

  1. Sign-up here!
  2. Pledge to not buy any new clothes during the 10-week period.
  3. Reflect on your experiences and share them with our online community on the members-only Detox Diaries page.

Sign-up here if you think you can complete the Fashion Detox Challenge!

The 10-week Fashion Detox Challenge is being led by PhD researcher Emma Kidd. Emma worked as an international Lingerie Designer for around 10 years, designing garments for everyone from Primark to Victoria Secrets. She loves clothing, but also loves the environment, and so is currently researching more sustainable ways of buying and using clothes. You can watch a short public talk that Emma gave here, on why she left the clothing industry and started upcycling clothing. And Emma also published the First Steps to Seeing, which is a step-by-step guide of how to see everyday life with ‘new eyes’.

 7 tonnes of clothes

‌7 tonnes of Clothing waste go to landfill every 15 minutes (Photo credit: BBC, Hugh’s War on Waste, 2015)

The Fashion Detox Challenge was launched on Monday 18/2/2019 and now on an open rolling basis with participants posting weekly reflections on their fashion detox journey.

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