• Biodiversity


GCU is committed to embedding sustainability into every aspect of its operations and that includes exploring opportunities for enhancing biodiversity in its Campus in Glasgow city centre.

The Campus is a highly developed, compact 7 hectare campus with 15 buildings, built on the former site Buchanan Street Railway Station, predominantly after the mid-1970s (as shown in this presentation).

Although less than 7% of the Campus is available for soft-landscaping and the existing ethos, has sought to emphasise colour and visual amenity rather than specifically emphasise biodiversity, GCU believes that there are opportunities for enhancing biodiversity on Campus. 

GCU’s Forest for the Future & Urban Orchard was established on 28th November 2020 as a collaboration between the University’s Sustainability Officer and 3rd students on the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment’s Environmental Management programme to plant over 100 trees as part of the Woodland Trust’s the Big Climate Fightback.


Student and staff volunteers establish GCU's Forest for the Future &  Urban Orchard.

The following broad-leafed and fruit trees were planted: bird cherry; downy birch; aspen; rowen; silver birch; dog rose; field maple; apple; cheery; pear; plum and quince. The trees were selected to require minimal maintenance (e.g. no watering) and suit the Glasgow climate.

Students and staff at GCU were invited to either plant a tree at the University or at home and by the end of the day, 120 broad leaf trees and 20 fruit trees had been planted across the GCU Campus and Caledonian Court.

It is hoped that the Forest for the Future and Urban Orchard will to make GCU’s campus greener and healthier by enhancing tree cover and providing additional habitat for local wildlife and pollinators.