Global Leadership

Programme Description

Today’s employers increasingly expect international experience and intercultural competences in a graduate’s CV. The aim of this study route is to develop self-awareness of the students as a global leader and how they might develop key cross-cultural and discipline competencies. Working in an international context with other students in a team based assignment, this study route will build the student’s understanding of themselves and their own cultural values. Having a team approach will develop inter-cultural issues arising for the needs of the team as a whole together with the requirements of the various disciplines that are a reflection on the global society we live in.

Learning will be a mix of classroom-based activities together with experiential exercises. In addition to GCU academic staff, guest speakers from various backgrounds will present to the students to ensure the objectives have tangible links to the needs of industry and commerce. In addition visits to notable historic and other sites of interest will be included to ensure the learning is memorable and meaningful.