Collaborating Across Boundaries

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Collaborating across boundaries: Making a Sustainable Impact on Healthy Lives for All.

Programme Description

In all communities irrespective of how advanced they are the health of the community is crucial to the long-term objective as individual and as a society. This study route will consider the challenges that face society when the social circumstances can impact on the health of the general public.  Public health is a term that can mean a number of things to different people to include safe drinking water, disposal of wastewater, but also to substance use/misuse and the disposal of all forms of waste matter.  The range of factors that can negatively affect the health of society is complex and often dependent on action, or inaction in other regions or countries.  Collaborating across boundaries can include international borders but also boundaries that are based on religious and traditional practices.  Understanding of the variables that contribute to a healthy life and how to address the conflicting demands is the key objective of this study route.

Academic input will be enhanced by guest lecturers and input from students in the group based assignment that will include use of real facilities within the GCU campus and visits to other important facilities who deal with the impacts of society on achieving a sustainable healthy life.