Business Start-up and Sustainable Environment

Summer School Sustainable

Programme Description

This programme is designed to prepare our 21st century Engineering students for the changing economic world and how their knowledge of business is an essential component of this. Students will be taught team and presentation skills as an essential component of the programme.

The programme is split into two parts. The first is to introduce business skills to Engineers looking at the concepts behind a business plan, team working, design thinking techniques for decision making and market research.

The second part focuses on applying those skills to the Circular Economy by introducing the students to the concept of the circular economy which seeks to retain the value of the material resources within the economic cycle for as long as possible. Global Consumption continues to grow, and with the full environmental cost of primary materials, realised in the economy, materials too readily end up as waste, which is considered to have little value and is discarded, usually to landfill. The programme will explain and provide insight into the relationship organisations have with material resources consumed and what practices might be adopted to embed circular economy thinking into mainstream business practice. Once the principles of the circular economy have been presented and explored by the students, they will, within teams, develop a plan to deliver their chosen service or product. This will be delivered through a short report and final presentation. 

This module will include a team building weekend out with the university.