Machine Learning for Beginners

Summer School Machine Learning

Programme Description

Nowadays, Machine Learning is considered the bigger new phase in computer science after the creation of the Internet. Not Surprisingly, it is predicted to change every industry and many businesses are expected to become obsolete because of advances in this field. Machine Learning refers to the area in computer science of emulating intelligence - anything from making a conquer an opponent in a video game to a robot - but refers only to the programs that are designed to learn and improve at their task with marginal outside input from the programmer. 

This module will introduce Machine Learning by providing hands on exercises for training Machine Learning models to recognise text, numbers, images or sounds. The educational platforms Scratch and App Inventor are used. On completion of this module, students will have an awareness of the types of problems that Machine Learning algorithms can solve today and have an understanding of the fundamental challenges of Machine Learning. 

No previous programming experience is required.