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Global Leaders Fashion Branding

GCU invites students from the USA to join us this September for our Fashion Study Abroad semester. Whether you’re a Business major with an interest in Fashion, or a Fashion major looking to add an international perspective to your experience, this could be your once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend four months living and studying in Scotland. Earn 15 US credits to take back to your home university, and make friends and professional contacts from around the world!

What you will study

  • Consumer Buying Behaviour

This module will develop the student's appreciation of consumer buying concepts and deepen their understanding of the ways in which they influence marketing decisions. Models of consumer behaviour, psychological characteristics of personality, self-theory and influence in purchasing decisions, motivation theory, and individual consumer perception in the selection process will all be explored. Additionally, the role of attitude theory in marketing, the effect of interaction with others and their influence in purchase behaviour, cultures and sub-cultures and the effect of global marketing will be investigated. The availability of resources and their effects; sustainability and global consumption, ehtical consumers, fashion choice and innovation, consumer trends and digital marketing, identification of current issues and the ability to solve marketing problems by consumer research provides a contemporary conclusion to the module.

  • Creative Fashion Brand Development and Promotion 

Fashion branding is essentially a product focussed activity. As such, the aim of this module is to examine the context for the creation and development of fashion products from a branding and product management perspective and the importance of creativity in fashion brand promotion. It outlines the various theoretical NPD modules, taking into account the complex international dynamics of fashion and lifestyle product lifecycles. The module aims to equip students with an extensive knowledge of the mechanics of fashion brand development and management with particular focus on the fashion buying function. The module continues by considering the promotional mix and will focus specifically on those tools utilised within a fashion context. Each tool will be outlined, from the conceptual process to the design, operational delivery, and evaluation. Furthermore, the distinguishing feature of the module is the practical design skills applicable to image making and livery. In addition, as the fashion business is recognised as a global industry, and is therefore affected by environmental issues, unethical practices and sustainability, this module takes account of these issues throughout the teaching. In particular, the new product development process, product lifecycles, and fashion buying considerations, and aims to inform and deepen the student's understanding and critical awareness of these issues.  

  • Digital Fashion Branding

This module explores the role of technology in the development, communication and sustainability of fashion brands. In focussing on the emergence and growth of digital marketing communications, students examine how fashion brands have embraced the transformational shift in the entrepreneurship, commerce, and professional practices of the fashion industry. Through the synergy of theory, technology and professional practice, students will apply this learning and knowledge to critically analyse fashion branding concepts and paradigms within the digital environment. Students also examine the relationship between fashion branding theory and e-branding practice and the impact of emerging technologies in terms of communications, business models and market structures. Ethical, environmental and sustainability practices will also be examined to determine similarities and differences to the physical fashion environment. 


Students will have the opportunity to attend a fashion trip to London, one of the world's iconic fashion capitals. Organised excursions to a variety of industry, educational, trade shows such as 'Pure', and arts based establishments will further course participant's knowledge of the fashion world, providing insights into the likes of the design processes, history of fashion, branding functions, buying and merchandising, and communication and PR functions. 

For more details please email with the subject line ‘Fashion Study Abroad’