"...flexibility in how you approach coursework..."


Why did you choose your programme at Glasgow Caledonian?

I was interested in developing a career where I could have a large and positive influence on the environment; one which I felt was environmentally ethical. The developing green job market seemed to offer good prospects. The course offered a work placement which I felt would be crucial in securing future employment.

What are you enjoying most about life at the university?

Lecturers are more like friends and you feel guided and supported.

What are you enjoying most about your programme?

It is career focused but not locked down one path; there is flexibility in how you approach coursework and often in the subject matter.

Do you belong to any university clubs or societies?

We formed our own society in first year, the Environmental and Sustainability Society. We also helped form a student staff consultative group which is developing the university’s own Environmental Management Systems.

What is your best experience so far?

Putting effort into a vertical project which we designed, project-managed with first and second year students and delivered to class. And a few nights out of course…

What advice do you have for people considering applying to university?

Research the subject and pick something you have an interest in. Ultimately a degree is a journey in which your focus will repeatedly shift and change as you learn and mature.

What do you think about Glasgow?

It’s a great city! The shopping, bars and clubs are the best outside London and the Lochs are only half an hour away, should you need to get away from it all.

What single word sums up your experience so far?


What do you plan to do after you graduate?

I’ve completed two separate work placements and will be pursuing a career in one of these.