Preparing for University

The year prior to starting university

June: You should be beginning to research the programmes and careers you are interested in, with the help of your guidance teachers and careers adviser if you are at school or college.

At this stage you should think about the universities you are interested in and find out the dates of their open days.

August: Regional careers conventions are held throughout Scotland, beginning in August and continuing throughout September. University representatives will be there to answer questions, so you should talk to staff and gather as much information as you can on all the universities and programmes in which you are interested.

September: During September and the following few months, you should be attending the open days of the universities you would like to apply to. Only by visiting campuses will you get a real ‘feel’ for the university and the university, as well as the city, has to be just as right for you as the programme of study. Glasgow Caledonian’s annual open day is usually held during the second week of September. In 2009, it will be held on September 9th.

October: Most schools will have you well on the way to completing your application forms at this stage. Make sure you work to the deadlines set by your guidance teacher or careers adviser.

The year of entry to your programme

January: The deadline for applications is 15th January of the year of entry. You will receive acknowledgement of your application from our Admissions Office, as well as further information about the admissions process.

February: Throughout the spring months, you will receive replies from all of the universities to which you have applied. Each one will state if the application has been successful or rejected, or what additional exam results may be required to secure a place in a conditional offer. You may also be invited to attend an interview or information session at the university to find out a bit more about what’s involved in your chosen programmes. UCAS will issue you with a deadline by which time you must make your final selection. You can make additional applications through UCAS Extra from 26th February of the year of entry. Visit UCAS for more information.

May/June: You will be preparing to sit your exams and wait for their results, which are published in August.

August: You will receive your exam results by post and UCAS will inform the universities of your grades on your behalf. If you don’t get the results required for entry to your preferred choice, UCAS will issue you with information about the Clearing process. We run a Clearing website and a helpline (0800 027 9171 or, from the day your exam results are available. If the university has received your school results, you will recieve information on joining the university. If you are at college, you must send your exam results to the Admissions Office.

September: You will start Semester A of your programme around mid-September.