Choosing Your Highers

The subjects you select for your Higher Grades – of those available at your school - will greatly effect your course study options at Caledonian, so it’s important to choose with this in mind. The scope of subjects you have taken at Standard Grade will largely dictate your Higher choices and, again depending on your school, you will be able to take up to five Higher in S5.

Essential subjects

If you have a specific Caledonian programme in mind, do your research and find out what subjects are essential for you to be considered for that course. The subjects will vary depending on the programme, but they generally include those that are english, maths and science based.

You may also realise that you need a subject at Standard Grade, which you don’t already have. It could well be that a standard grade that you hadn’t considered taking back in S2 is now a requirement for a programme you’re interested in. Most students in S5 will have the opportunity to pick up an additional Standard Grade to meet such requirements, but again check with your school.

Intermediate Subjects

For some pupils the jump from Standard grade straight into Higher might not be achievable. In this instance you might opt to do Intermediate grades in S5, which act as an introduction to the Higher, then progress to Higher in S6. You should consult your guidance teacher about this when choosing your options.

Please note, programmes at Glasgow Caledonian University do not accept a D grade at Higher.