Personal Statement

This is your big opportunity to tell admission staff why you want to apply for a particular degree and illustrate that you have the motivation or experience to help you complete the programme. The sort of things we are interested in hearing about include:

  • Relevant work experience or links within the industry
  • Personal goals and how you think the programme relates to them
  • Interests and general information about yourself

You are not allowed to use additional sheets, so be as concise as possible, and remember to check your spelling carefully! It's also a good idea to write a practice draft first.

Academic reference

Each applicant has to provide an academic reference which comments on their ability to undertake a course of study. If you are a school leaver, this includes a prediction of what you will achieve in the results pending section and why the referee feels that you are suitable for a particular area of study.

This, together with the personal statement and other details, should help create a well-rounded application.