Curriculum for Excellence

Undergraduate Study - Entry requirements

In 2015 the first cohort of undergraduate students from Scotland who have followed Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) and taken the new SQA qualifications will apply for entry to university courses.

In light of CfE, and the introduction of the new National 4 and 5 qualifications, revised Highers and Advanced Highers, the University has reviewed its admissions policies and procedures to incorporate this new curriculum.

For more information read - CfE Guidance Leaflet.

National 4 and 5 Qualifications

We have reviewed the new SQA National 4 and 5 qualifications and confirm that; where we currently accept Standard Grades and Intermediate 2 qualifications in required subjects, we will no longer accept SCQF level 4 qualifications such as National 4 in lieu of Standard Grades. In future we will only accept National 5 qualifications as indicated in the following table:

Standard Grade Intermediate 2 National 5
1 A A
2 B B
3 C C

We recognise that under CfE learners will take different pathways, including the possibility that qualifications at National 5 may be bypassed. Where an applicant does not hold a subject that is required at National 5, they will be required to achieve a pass in the subject at SQA Higher or equivalent examination at SCQF level 5, and depending on the grade required at National 5, this may equate to achieving a B or C grade at Higher.

SQA Highers

The University recognises that under CfE learners will follow different pathways in the Senior Phase.  As a result we will give equal consideration to learners who sit Highers in S4, S5 and S6.  We will not differentiate between applicants who sit Highers in one sitting from those who take Highers over two sittings

SQA Advanced Higher

Where Advanced Highers are taken into consideration as part of an offer, the same subject taken at Higher level can be counted in the overall learner profile, where any essential subject criteria for the programme has also been met. The University welcomes applications from learners undertaking Advanced Higher for entry to Year 2 for some programmes.

Recognition of Wider Achievement/Contextual Data

Applicants with additional awards or achievements through voluntary, self-development and supported activities should provide details within the ‘Personal Statement’, where applicants would be expected to describe/explain how such experiences have contributed to their overall educational/personal development.

There may also be occasions where the applicant and/or their referee requests that the university takes account of certain contextual factors which may have affected their performance. Any further contextual information, for example on parental factors (first generation attending University) or applicants who are from a care background (care leavers), that is or may become available from UCAS forms, may be used to supplement the overall picture of a candidate. However no single piece of such information will, on its own, be conclusive in an admissions decision.