Mature students

It’s never too late to go to university

At Glasgow Caledonian University, we welcome applications from people of all ages and from all backgrounds. Whether you left school five, ten or fifteen years ago, you can still take an undergraduate course to learn new skills, change career direction or just gain a qualification in a subject that interests you.

Entry requirements

The entry requirements for mature students (anyone with relevant experience) are not as fixed as for school and college leavers. Each school or programme lists its own entry requirements and, when it comes to mature students, schools will take into account other factors, including

  • Evidence of your ability to study at university level
  • Evidence of experience and interest in your chosen subject area.

Why it's never too late

Universities recognise that mature students can bring a lot of valuable life and work experience to a programme. From your perspective, adding a qualification to your experience can help you in your current career. Even a complete career change is an option - the days of people following one career path and staying with one employer are long gone, and it’s not unusual for people to pursue a new qualification or career change later in life. For example, you might now be at a stage when you have a clearer idea of what you want to do than when you first left school.

Whatever your current situation and future aims, it’s never too late to benefit from a university education. Read about what one mature student had to say about his time at Glasgow Caledonian in our Student Views section.