ICAS Bursary

ICAS Foundation Bursary The ICAS Foundation awards bursaries of up to £2,500 per year for students who are studying accountancy or Finance courses at University, whose parents or guardians earn under £34,000 per year.

The bursaries aim to help alleviate the costs of studying and, for example, day-to-day living costs. Bursaries are available to secondary school students, college students or students already at university who are applying to study on an approved course, for example an accountancy or finance degree.

Individuals receiving an ICAS Foundation bursary are automatically enrolled in the ICAS mentoring scheme which aims to help young people to reach their fullest potential with the help and support of an experienced Chartered Accountant (CA).

Are You Eligible?

If you are a recipient (or will receive) a Scottish Government Young Students Bursary, you are eligible to apply 
for a bursary from the ICAS Foundation, provided you intend to study an accountancy or finance course at university.
If you can answer yes to these questions you are eligible to apply for an ICAS Foundation Bursary:
  • Have you applied, intend to apply or are currently studying an undergraduate course in accountancy or finance?
  • Is your parental/guardian income under £34,000?
  • Will you receive Student Bursary from the Scottish Government?

If the answer is yes to all of the above then you are eligible to apply for an ICAS Foundation Bursary.

How to apply

Apply through ICAS application form paying particular attention to the guidance notes prior to completing the form. 
Once we have received your completed application together with supporting documentation we will acknowledge receipt
and consider the evidence and references that you have submitted.
A committee of ICAS Foundation Trustees will review all of the information submitted when making a decision.

Application form

Deadline for applications 31 May 2019

What ICAS are looking for

There is no wrong or right way to complete the personal statement but the following information should be included:
  • How will an ICAS Foundation Bursary make a difference to you and your studies
  • Participation in community activities (such as volunteering outside school)
  • Career aspirations
  • Reasons for your university and course choices
  • Why you feel the ICAS Foundation should invest in you
We would recommend you make full use of the 1000 words available for your personal statement

Terms and Conditions for ICAS Bursary 

Students in receipt of a scholarship from the university or a trust similar to the ICAS Foundation are not eligible to apply. If you would like to clarify your eligibility please e-mail enquiries@icasfoundation.org.uk