Early payment

Early Payment Discount


This scholarship entitles fee paying students to a discount of 5% if fees are over £5,000 and the fees are paid in full prior to the first teaching date of the programme.

Conditions of early payment discount

  • On the first year of entry for International fee paying students, a minimum deposit must be received by 1 August (for September intake) 1 December (for January intake) or 1 March (for May intake). Deposits are accepted from applicants holding both conditional and unconditional offers. 
  • Deposits cannot be refunded to students who did not meet the entry criteria or were unsuccessful in obtaining a visa. Please see fees and refund policy.
  • Remaining tuition fees are paid in full before the first day of teaching.
  • The early payment discount is available for each subsequent year providing tuition fees are paid in full before the first day of teaching each year.
  • Discounts are subtracted from the cost of tuition after any scholarship has been applied.
  • Distance learning students will only be eligible for the 5% early payment discount if they pay the full cost of the course upfront.
  • Students who pay only one academic year of the programme will not be offered the discount.