Terms and Conditions

  1. Awards are only available to students who have been classed as a full time Rest of UK fee payer by GCU.
  2. Final year waiver is applicable only to students who have commenced their studies from year 1 and not applicable to direct 2nd/3rd year entrants
  3. Applicants must be available to take up their place on the course in September 2017. Awards cannot be deferred. Applicants who are unable to commence study at that time must re-apply for consideration under future scholarship/bursary arrangements.
  4. Students in receipt of SAAS or SFC funding or who have been privately sponsored through a company are not eligible for this award. Applicants can apply for multiple scholarships, but students may only be awarded one GCU scholarship/ bursary, which means applicants cannot receive multiple awards.*
  5. The award is of fixed value it does not increase with inflation and is awarded for the normal full length of the programme of study excluding repeat years.
  6. Awards are not payable for repeat years of study, whether full or partial.  Students will be responsible for funding any repeat fees.
  7. Eligibility for this award is dependent on completing the academic year and fee liability at GCU having been satisfied. Should a student withdraw from their course, transfer to another institution or take time out of their course after receiving bursary payments the awarded value paid must be reimbursed to GCU. In this event the student will be invoiced by GCU and be subject to the conditions laid out in the Fees and Refund Policy and the Credit Control and Debit Management Policy.**
  8. All students who are awarded an award agree to allow the Student Funding Team to share their data with other departments/services within the University.
  9. The University’s decision on the equivalence and eligibility of your qualifications is final.
  10. The University’s decision on awards is final.
  11. The University reserves the right to amend, discontinue or withdraw the scholarships/bursary scheme at any time without prior notice.
  12. Fees are capped at £27,000 for 17/18 academic year

*This does not affect your entitlement to five per cent early payment discount

** Please note students will receive three instalments of their bursary throughout the academic year. Repayment is only necessary based on the criteria detailed on point seven.