Santander Universities Postgraduate Scholarship

Santander Universities Postgraduate Scholarship

Santander Universities Postgraduate Scholarship of £5,000 is available to study a full time Masters level programme at GCU or GCU London

As a mature student with a young daughter and existing financial commitments, the news of receiving this scholarship not only greatly helps towards the financial strain of returning to education but has boosted my confidence and determination to excel in this course.

Simon 2018 awardee
Santander Universities Postgraduate Scholarship

To be eligible for this scholarship you must have been offered a place to study at GCU or GCU London commencing January 2020

Who can apply

Students who have been offered a place on a GCU Masters level programme and are from one of the following countries are able to apply:


  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, United States, Uruguay


  • Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom

Other Countries

  • China, Qatar, Russia, Singapore

Deadline for applications 02 December 2019

Terms and conditions

The award is non transferable to any other programme if you change your course to the one specified at time of application.

  • A thank you letter is submitted, to be given to the donor Santander .
  • A report, based on your experience as a scholarship recipient and how this award has made a difference to you (this will be required nearing the end of your 1st year) .
  • Approval for any use of photographs and quotes to be used in printed media and on University websites
  • Attendance at any scholarship related events, hosted by GCU or Santander.
    Awards cannot be deferred to another academic session