MRes Biological Sciences Scholarship

MRes Biological Sciences Scholarship

The MRes will provide a comprehensive training in laboratory and research skills, to ensure you are prepared to work independently during your research projects and thereafter.

The course draws on expertise across the University and offers a balance of theoretical and practical studies with two research projects in key thematic areas of research which align with University’s research strategy. You will  have the option to study for a broad Biological Sciences MRes or choose to specialise in a specific research theme, which may include (but not limited to) Microbiology, (Neuro)Pharmacology, Cell and Molecular Biology and Food Science.

GCU are offering scholarships to International students worth £4,500 which will be deducted from your tuition fees

This scholarship offers students funding towards their tuition fees for the full time MRes Biological Sciences course beginning in September 2020.

Who can apply

What is the scholarship

  • Any successful International student will receive £4,500 which will be deducted from their tuition fees 

Deadline for applications extended to 11 September 2020 5pm GMT

Terms and conditions

You must hold an offer of study for MRes Biological Sciences programme at GCU beginning in September 2020 before applying or your application will be rejected

If you are an International student you must be able to cover the balance of your tuition costs and your living costs in line with the UKVI requirements when applying for a Visa

Awards will not be transferred to any other academic session other than September 2020