Languages at GCU

If you are interested in studying a language as part of one of our degrees, our partnership with City of Glasgow College will definitely be of interest to you.

You have the opportunity to develop your language skills in a suite of teaching rooms equipped with the latest digital technology.

Competence in a foreign language is seen as valuable in many areas of professional life, and because of this, a wide range of our programmes have language options.

Our language classes aim to develop your general language skills, which are of value in both working life and social situations. Our teaching will also give you a sound knowledge of relevant aspects of the contemporary society of the country in question.

The programmes

Competence in a foreign language is seen as valuable in many areas of professional life. Undergraduate students from a wide range of Glasgow Caledonian programmes can access language options as part of an approved option choice.

Postgraduate programmes may offer the possibility of studying languages. Approval should be obtained from your Programme Leader before applying for a language module.

Language Options

Language classes are delivered by a team of experienced language teachers. French, German, Italian and Spanish are offered at six levels from Introductory to Advanced. Chinese Mandarin and Portuguese are offered at Introductory level.

  • Introductory
    Entry: Requires little or no prior knowledge.
  • Preliminary
    Entry: Language Introductory, Standard Grade or equivalent as starting point.
  • Intermediate
    Entry: Language Preliminary, Higher Grade or equivalent as a starting point.
    (Intermediate is also available for students at Levels 3 or 4)
  • General
    Entry: Language Intermediate or equivalent as a starting point.
  • Professional
    Entry: Language General or equivalent as starting point.
  • Advanced Language For Business
    Entry: Language Professional or equivalent as starting point.

Which level?

The level of module you select depends on your previous knowledge and level of qualification. Languages lecturers are happy to advise you on the most suitable level of module for your individual circumstances and programme requirements.

Language contacts

For further information on any aspect of studying languages on our courses, please contact us.

If you require further information about our language options, please contact Margaret Aitken or Lionel Quidu at City of Glasgow College:

Lionel Quidu, City of Glasgow College

Telephone:   +44 (0)141 375 8185